Do I Need Pool Resurfacing?

Do I Need Pool Resurfacing?

With pool resurfacing, Houston area homeowners have a lot of questions regarding when and how they should resurface their pool. Pool resurfacing is an investment in the life of your pool, and it’s something that should be kept up with if you want your pool to last through the tests of time. When it comes to pool resurfacing, there is no blanket answer to relate to all pools, and the make of your pool as well as your pool use will determine when resurfacing may be necessary. 

If you neglect your pool’s need for resurfacing, you’re lessening the life of your pool and potentially creating a hazardous situation. Through seasons of use, your pool’s surface will begin to wear, and this wear can create cracks, bumpy areas, or even sharp spots you can find with your body. It’s not rare to receive cuts on the hands and feet from a pool in need of resurfacing services, and when this occurs you’re suffering from an injury that could have been rather easily avoided. Being proactive with your pool resurfacing is the best way to avoid these injuries and know that you’re doing the very best for the life of your pool. 

The material your pool is made from will matter quite a bit when it comes to pool resurfacing. If your pool is made from a type of cement or plaster, you may find that you’re resurfacing your pool around once every 3 to 7 years. If your pool is used often or had problems during opening or closing, it may need to be resurfaced closer to the 3 year mark than the 7 year mark, and staying on top of your resurfacing can really help to make the process much easier. If your pool is made from a sturdier or more long lasting material like fiberglass, you’ll be looking at much longer times between re-surfacings, and these surfaces can last for up to 15-30 years depending on use and care. 

Pool resurfacing is a simple way to keep your pool in good working order, and to keep your surfaces safe for family use. By resurfacing your pool, you’re prolonging your pool’s life, and giving yourself more years of fun and quality time in your own personal home oasis!

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