Should I Add Lighting To My Pool?

Should I Add Lighting To My Pool?

Lighting can add a lot to your pool or home spa, and we often get asked if adding lighting to a pool makes a wise investment. We say that pool lighting is one of the best investments you can make in your pool and your home, and to really drive this idea home, we’d like to outline a few of the many benefits that pool lighting can offer. Some benefits of pool lighting to show you why you should add lighting to your pool are:

  • Increased safety – A lit pool is a safer pool. Whether the pool is being used or not, the lighting can outline the pool area and allow your family or your guests to navigate around or in your pool in an optimal way. With your pool, you’ll want to be able to see in or around it, and that’s exactly what lighting allows you to do. 
  • Creative options – Pool lighting offers a ton of creative options, and for this reason, it’s one of the simplest ways to add your own touch of creativity to your pool space. Having a completely customized pool experience and a completely customized look can be as easy as installing a few lights! 
  • More time for pool fun – Naturally, you won’t be swimming at night in the full dark, and pool lighting can help you to take better advantage of your pool in general. When your pool is lit, you have no time limit on your swimming, so if you wish to take a dip at midnight, you can! Also, if you’re getting out of the pool as the sun is going down, pool lighting can allow you to see well even if nighttime has come. 
  • Impressive pool presentation – If you’re having guests for a pool party, or even a fire pit party during the autumn or winter months, lighting in and around the pool really offers an impressive look and presentation. 

When it comes to pool lighting, Houston residents can really benefit from installing lighting either in their pool or around their pool area. For both pools and home spas, lighting can really offer a safer, more impressive, and more versatile experience. Your pool lighting can be a beautiful outlet for your own creativity, and it’s something that we recommend for every Houston pool!

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