It’s the finishing touches and special features that make a custom swimming pool uniquely yours.  Whether you want your dream pool to feel like a tropical oasis with a beach entry, swim-up bar, water and fire features, or a simple sleek design with an elegant integrated spa and infinity edge feature, we have the ultimate design team that can make all of your dreams come true.  


Custom waterfalls and features can turn an ordinary pool into extraordinary.  From water cascading into your new or remodeled pool to a freestanding feature, a waterfall will deliver ambiance and the tranquil or thrilling sound only flowing water can provide.

Our water falls are custom designed for each and every pool, to suit any design style. If your design style Mediterranean, we can design a feature where water softy spills from a bowl into your pool.  In a more rustic or natural environment, we can design a custom waterfall made with authentic-looking boulders and stone.  Or perhaps your going for a modern design, your ideal feature may call for sleek materials that are bold or refined with beautiful tile work to polished concrete. 

No matter your design style or budget, our designers have the expertise you need to help you make a design choice that will work for your lifestyle and property.  As pool designers and builders, we have access to the latest and greatest the industry has available. From modern design, to a resort, water park feel, to a natural pond-like design, well deliver the perfect design for you and your family.


Are you looking to create a spa-like retreat in your own backyard?  We can design a spa perfect for your new or existing pool.  A spa can give you therapeutic massage and stress relief all from your own back yard.

What we love most about adding a spa to your new or renovated pool is your season never has to end.  You can enjoy your spa day or night, 365 days a year.  Adding a spa to your backyard retreat will ensure year-round enjoyment. Talk to one of our design consultants today.  They’ll work with you on ways to integrate a spa no matter what your design style is, contemporary or rustic or whether you are building a new pool, or enhancing the one you already have.   

Fire pits

Are you looking to add drama to your new or remodeled pool?  Gorgeous fire features are the sure-fire way to achieve the look.  Nothing complements water better than fire. 

Our designers can deliver you a natural aesthetic or a modern minimalist look; we have fire features to suit your design style.  You can even chose to automate your features along with your pool functions – from automated stone fire bowls, pits or fire places to a more natural-looking fire feature crafted from authentic looking boulders and stone, custom built right on site.