Top 3 Pool Remodeling Questions Answered

Top 3 Pool Remodeling Questions Answered

When it comes to pool remodeling, we get quite a few questions from Houston residents. With pool remodeling, Houston homeowners want to make sure they’re doing the very best for their pool, so it’s no surprise that these questions are common amongst the pool owning community of the area. In order to clear up some of the mystery surrounding pool remodeling, and to answer some of these questions, we want to outline the top 3 we receive most often. Our top 3 pool remodeling questions answered are:

1. When should I have my pool remodeled? – One question we’re often asked is when our Houston customers should have their pool remodeled, and we suggest using the off-season to your advantage. Whether you want a full pool remodel or a smaller scale project, choosing the months between Labor Day and early spring can really help you to maximize your pool time while also getting the pool update you really want. The best part? Your pool will be ready for the following season without missing a beat! 

2. How long will a remodel take? – This question can get a bit tricky, as different scales of remodel will take different amounts of time. If you’re looking at something simple like a quick refinish or something of the like, it may be only a week or two, but if you’re looking at a full pool remodel, your pool area could be off-limits for a couple of months. It’s for this reason that we often suggest waiting until the off-season to have your pool remodel performed. 

3. How should I prepare for the remodel? – During a pool remodel, there are some unpleasant things to be expected. It may be noisy, it may be dusty or dirty, and it may take up your entire backyard, so it’s best to prepare for these things before your remodel begins. During the winter months when we suggest remodels, the windows will be closed, so you’ll be less likely to hear the noise or suffer from the dust making its way inside! 

A pool remodel can really breathe new life into your Houston area pool, and it’s something we often suggest to pool owners really looking to improve their experience. By knowing what to expect, you’re setting yourself up for a great remodel experience!

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